David Guenoun

Managing Partner

As a managing partner of Glide Capital, David is a Portfolio Manager and provides strategic direction and leadership to all aspects of the firm. David also oversees Glide Capital Capital’s portfolio management, asset allocation strategies and business development activities. He works closely with clients by providing strategic investment advice and wealth management solutions. Prior to joining the firm, David was CEO of Crystal Capital Partners, LLC, a Fund of Hedge Funds with over 900 million dollars of assets under management at the time. He also worked in investment banking at BNP Paribas, private equity management at Artium Capital Partners, LLC, and fixed income trading at Citibank. David has an MBA from Columbia University and a BS in Banking and Finance from the Universidad Metropolitana.

Mark Fitzpatrick

Managing Partner

As a managing partner of Glide Capital, Mark is responsible for selecting managers, raising capital, supporting advisors and overseeing the operations. Mark has 20+ years experience in operations and business development roles within the financial services industry. Prior to joining the firm, Mark worked for eleven years at Crystal Capital Partners, LLC as the Chief Operating Officer ("COO") before becoming the Director of Business Development. As Director of Business Development, Mark worked closely with regional banks, broker dealers, Registered Investment Advisors and family offices to build customized hedge fund portfolios. Prior to Crystal, Mark worked as an auditor in the brokerage industry and in hedge fund administration. Mark holds a Bachelor of Commerce in international business from the University of Lethbridge, Canada and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”).

Alberto Siblesz

Managing Partner

As a managing partner of Glide Capital, Alberto is responsible for assisting in investment activities and business development efforts in Latin America. Alberto is also a Portfolio Manager of Scala Capital where he oversees the firm’s portfolio management, compliance regulations, trading activity, and asset allocation strategies. He is involved directly with Scala’s clients, providing them investment advice and financial guidance. Alberto brings experience from the banking teams at Citibank Venezuela and CNI - Credit Suisse First Boston. He earned his BS in Finance from Lehigh University.

Stefano Tome


As Partner at Glide Capital, Stefano is responsible for coordinating international business development efforts and is an active Board member. Stefano continues to act as President and Chairman of Turven, a tourism wholesaler in Venezuela. Prior to joining Glide, Stefano worked as a Civil Engineer and participated in several businesses. Stefano is a Civil Engineer from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and completed post-graduate studies in Business and Marketing at the University of California in Los Angeles.